Apartmány Rab Kampor. Apartmány Raffaello
Vítejte na ostrově Rab, město a ostrov úžasnou rozmanitost krajiny, krásný výběr pláží, kulturní prostředí pre-římské časy označeny obrysy čtyř věží, město bohaté historické dědictví v opravdu obohacené zkušenostmi, dlouhé a příjemné procházky, tradice 120 let organizovaného cestovního ruchu, pohostinství, pohostinnost a diligence populace ostrova. Rozsáhl...


Pension Raffaello is located on the island in a quiet village near the sea Kampor. 7 km away from the city. Not far away there is a large sandy beach, playground, a crane, a cafe, a shop and other facilities. In the immediate vicinity, there are various sports facilities. For those looking for a bit of active holiday island of Rab offers a variety of excursions by boat, visiting national parks, cycling, diving, beach volleyball, windsurfing, sailing and many other activities designed. Raffaello board has 4 rooms and 5 suites with klimon the selection board, private parking, air-conditioned restaurant with a TV and a dry marina and boat taxi. Rooms and suites are beautifully and comfortably furnished with a balcony and sea view. On a beautiful terrace, next to the seaside promenade, eat and drink and enjoy the fantastic views of the sea. Raffaello board is open throughout the year offering accommodation in modern rooms and suites. The friendly staff will make you feel welcome and do everything that everyone carries with them pleasant memories. Do you want to with your family and children or friends to go on a great vacation? We are here for you. If you want to surprise and delight your nearest and dearest person's original gift that everyone needs, we have created a commemorative holiday. If you want something special to celebrate and do not know where. We are here for you! Because of its size, position, comfortable and intimate atmosphere Raffaello board outside the main season with staying organized and individual groups organizing wedding receptions, engagement parties, various group entertainment, business and family celebrations, past birthdays, special programs for the New Year and Easter holidays, to promote occasional cocktail parties. We are the perfect place to stay less organized group, family and individual holiday. The Rab merged numerous spells, nature and historical surroundings, sunshine, crystal clear waters, the waves that surround the island, lush vegetation of forests, castles, and cathedrals. The beach, which is only a few minutes walk from our pension offers swimming in the cleanest sea in the Mediterranean. Take a break from the cold and snowflakes, and enjoy sipping a drink in the sun by the sea and the waves and book the perfect holiday in Raffaello.

If you have any proposals of cooperation or a new idea, please contact us.


Half board - 40 €
Breakfast - 
10 €
Apartment - 50 to 70 €
Rooms - 16 to 20 €
Dinner - 
16 €
Extra bed - 
10 €
Rental and taxi boat (per day) - 
130 - 150 €
Boat Storage (per monthly) - 
53 €
Dry Marina (charged per year per meter) - 
85 €
Mooring for a boat -
 7 - 10 € pro day
Swimming pool - free

Children under 3 years - free
Pets - 5 €
WiFi - 
Sun beds - 

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Byt 1-2 + 1
Byt se nachází v přízemí....
Room 2-2 + 1
Pokoj se nachází v prvním patře a nemá výhled na moře. V předsíni je lednice k použití....
Pokoj 3 - 2 osoby
Pokoj se nachází v prvním patře a má výhled na moře. V sále je chladírna k použití....
Byt 7-2 + 1
Byt se nachází v prvním patře a má výhled na moře....
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